Different challenges for different departments with shared high-level-expertise and multiple certifications achieved through perseverance and determination. — [METRA Industry] METRA Industry produces high technological content aluminium extrusions through a vertically integrated supply chain that guarantees the quality of the entire productive process and of the finished product to respond to the complex needs of numerous end markets. A highly specialized team, constantly updated systems and productive standards certified by the most rigorous international bodies make METRA Industry a trusted partner. Production capacity: 70,000 tons per year of complex geometry extrusions that can reach up to 70kg per linear meter and 30m in length, along with finishing, machining and welding. Main markets: Railway • Mechanics • Industrial applications • Automotive • Road transport • Design & Furniture —– [METRA Building] Window frames, curtain walls and unique products intended for the construction of residential, commercial and large-scale projects: technology at the service of architecture and design. SYSTEMS Lightness, sustainability, aesthetics: the qualities of aluminium come together with METRA’s 60 years of experience to become unique systems for architecture. Doors and windows, curtain walls, shading systems, interior doors and partition walls, balcony systems, complete with original accessories and the finest surface finishes. ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION Co-engineering, process integration and full control of all production stages make METRA the best technological partner for the most ambitious projects. Our aluminium profiles are an integral part of some of the most prestigious construction of the world: from the iconic Pyramid of the Louvre, to the towers of New York up to the futuristic skyscrapers in Dubai. — METRA believes people are the heart and soul of every project – long-lasting relationships are essential.