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Idrogenet is an Italian company manufacturer of rehabilitation devices. The project Gloreha was born from the cooperation between Idrogenet, Universities, Research Centers and with the consultancy of main Italian physiatrists. Gloreha devices are the most advanced, effective and user-friendly technological combination to pursue hand and upper limb rehabilitation. At the service of patients, doctors, therapists. Through rehabilitation programs that follow patients in all phases of neuromotor recovery, Gloreha products encourage their comeback to daily life. Gloreha devices are applied every day in hospitals and rehabilitation centers in many countries of the world. Customized and task-oriented therapies, assisted exercises and interactive games are available for hand re and upper limb rehabilitation. Motor treatment of the hand and upper limb, proprioceptive stimulation and interaction with real objects are combined to offer the patient a motivating and engaging therapy. The modularity of Gloreha products represents a constant technological solution to meet the needs of rehabilitation facilities.

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