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Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. is the parent company of the Gnutti Group. Founded in 1951 by Cirillo Gnutti as a mechanical engineering firm building tools and dies, it is now the world leader in hot forging and machining of brass and other non-ferrous metals. Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. has compiled impressive technical expertise, enabling it to meet all requirements. The company is self-sufficient throughout its entire production chain, from design to completely in-house construction of tooling and equipment; from hot forging of brass to machining, surface treatments and automatic assembly up to the packaging of the finished product. Everything is customised to the customer’s specifications. Alongside its historic location in Lumezzane (Brescia), in 2000, Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. opened its new plant in Odolo (Brescia), a large, state-of-the-art industrial complex specialised in hot forging, with latest-generation modern lines. The group’s process of international expansion has continued over the years with the foundation of Metal Forming Technology Inc. Based in Michigan (USA), MFT has achieved high standards of efficiency in the production of hot forged and machined brass parts according to the customers’ specifications. The company also serves as logistics and customer care centre for Gnutti Cirillo S.p.A. for the North American and Canadian markets. Our figures 37 _ Presses 40 _ Tansfer machines 5 _ Hatebur machines from 11g to 40kg _ Production Products Fire-fighting equipment, Automotive, Water and gas meters, Renewable energy: solar, geothermal, and aeolian, HVAC, High pressure cleaners, Scuba-diving, Power and distribution transformers, Coffee-machines, Medical, Naval, Pneumatics, Pumps, Flow regulation, metering and control, Welding, Beverage, Meter brackets, nuts and sleeves, Plumbing, Varnishing