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With thousands of packaging lines installed in more than 50 countries, COLIGROUP Spa is a leading company in the packaging industry. Its unrivalled reputation comes after a 45- year experience in designing and manufacturing innovative machinery systems. Thanks to the know-how achieved with its packaging turn-key project management, with the most renowned companies in the medical and foodstuff field, Coligroup is sure to meet all the most challenging packaging expectations for the retail and food industries as well. The Colimatic brand machinery range includes: vacuum chamber machines, flowpack systems, tray sealers and themoforming machines, which are the Coligroup’s core business. Labelling, printing & dosing systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are our optional, which make our packaging systems complete, efficient and unique! All our applications are designed and exclusively personalized according to our customers exact requirements. The extensive lists of our satisfied customers represent a great number of large and small organizations, which completely rely on Coligroup to fulfill their packaging needs! We are proud to represent one of the best expressions of the made –in- Italy technology ! The LASAGNA PROCESSING AND PACKAGING LINES, together with several other medical & food turn-key projects managed by COLIGROUP Spa show our high reputation, reliability & standards of quality! Coligroup’s commitment to preserve the environment by reducing Co2 emissions, is highlighted by the lines features & peculiarities (standard spare parts). The R&D Department is always striving to develop more environmentally friendly packaging solutions, by using components that require less energy consumption and working on new packaging materials. Result of this continuous effort are the paper forming machines & our carton MAP packaging systems. COLIGROUP: SMALL ENOUGH TO LISTEN, BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE!!