Cavagna Group S.p.A.


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Cavagna Group Job Opportunities webpage: The Cavagna Group is a world leading manufacturer of equipment and components for controlling compressed gases (energy gases, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, and specialty and cryogenic gases). It was founded in 1949 with headquarters in Northern Italy, close to Brescia, which is historically renowned for its metal processing industry. The Group consists of eleven vertically integrated production companies in Italy and seven others spread across the five continents. The Cavagna Group now sells in more than 145 countries worldwide through a distribution network consisting of fifteen fully owned additional distribution companies. It boasts good business relations with major oil/gas companies, industrial gas companies, automotive OEMs, compressed and liquefied gas container manufacturers and gas appliance OEMs. All this makes the Cavagna Group a truly reliable technology partner for the optimal use of gas, in terms of performance, safety and reliability, in different applications. The Cavagna Group is today organized into six business divisions 1) LPG valves and tank Equipment Division 2) LPG regulators Division 3) Compressed Gases equipment Division 4) Natural Gas and Metering Division 5) Alternative Fuels Systems Division 6) Engineering & Services Division