Supplier Quality Engineer



The Supply Quality Engineer is responsible for ensuring the quality level of the supplies received by the Site.

  • He identifies suppliers’ non-quality factors and behavior; analyses and monitors their quality improvement plans
  • supervises incoming Quality Control and the qualification of materials and components with the aim of contributing to the achievement of customer satisfaction objectives and the reduction of Non-Quality Costs
  •  manages the operational activities related to Incoming Quality Control in order to
  •  ensure the continuous improvement of material received from suppliers
  •  manage, in collaboration with the R&D, Technical Antenna, Industrialization and Supply Chain departments, the qualification of the new component-supplier or modified component-supplier pair
  • ensuring the continuous improvement of incoming Quality Control
  •  carries out, directly or indirectly, supplier evaluation audits.
  • It ensures that activities are carried out in such a way that they fully meet the quality requirements set by the company and those required by the customer.

What will you do?

  • Guarantees the implementation and constant monitoring of quality assurance processes for incoming supplies, defining and adapting the relevant Quality Control procedures
  • It pilots the qualification (SAM) and monitors supplier performance (SPM) at Plant level (for both external and internal Group suppliers), coordinating the different players involved in the qualification process.
  • It pilots the qualification of components using the PPEP (Part Product Evolution Process) methodology both within the Product Evolution Process and within the New Product Project Management (PMP).
  • Manages component qualification in all cases where there are changes in the supply of parts for production lines (e.g. relocation, multiple suppliers, equipment renewal, process modification, etc.).
  • Supports suppliers in defining control plans in compliance with technical specifications
  • Approves manufacturing processes at suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Supervises and coordinates the management of non-conformities with the internal organisation (Supply Chain, Technical Service, Industrialisation, etc.) and with suppliers, establishing the destination of non-conforming components: derogation, return for replacement, rework, elimination, etc.
  • Applies the G8D methodology in the containment, correction and prevention actions taken towards the supplier for the management of Non-Quality
  • Analyses anomalies
  • Validates and approves corrective actions defined by suppliers
  • Supports implementation
  • Supports the implementation of BFO at suppliers, for related G8D management.
  • Within the framework of TEX (Technical Expertise) management, ensures that the flow of materials from Customer to Supplier, and the related Technical Report from Supplier to Customer, takes place within the timeframe established and agreed with Customers, understanding that this activity has a strong impact on Customer Satisfaction levels.
  • Complies with PED requirements
  • Analyses the overall performance of suppliers and takes appropriate action, informing and involving the Customer Satisfaction & Quality Manager and relevant internal and support functions
  • Defines and plans supplier evaluation audits, carrying them out directly or delegating them to Inbound Quality Control personnel.
  • Is responsible for the timely and systematic preparation and dissemination of supplier performance reports
  • Guarantees a constant flow of information on suppliers to the functions involved at Site and Group level

What qualifications will make you successful? 

  •  Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Materials Engineering
  • At least 2 years of previous experience in the role
  • Broad predisposition to learning and teamwork (Quality – Methods – Maintenance – Technical Office), as well as a strong focus on achieving results
  • Good knowledge of IT tools and broad autonomy in the use of major software (Microsoft Office)
  • Knowledge of tools such as 8D and PFMEA is considered a plus
  • English spoken and written

What’s in it for me?

  • Permanent contract;
  • Flexibility at work;
  • Exciting work in an international company, with opportunities to lead and contribute to various collaborative projects with cross-regional teams;
  • Special training tailored to your needs and career goals;
  • Opportunities for growth based on clear development paths;
  • An environment where employees have equal opportunities to reach their full potential, depending on personal performance and aspirations;
  • Global Family Leave programme;
  • Ticket restaurant or canteen meals;
  • Share ownership plans;
  • Welfare programmes that can be extended to your family;
  • Health insurance and professional/extra-professional accident insurance.