Industry X – Software Engineer


Why will you choose Accenture?  

Can you imagine yourself collaborating with the best professionals in the Aerospace and Defense industry to foster innovation and co-engineer high-tech solutions that really work? Are you trilled to contribute firsthand to the success of a dedicated Unit providing best in class engineering services to leading players? Do you value working in a future oriented organization which recognizes performance, collaboration, inclusiveness, and continuous learning?

If these spark your imagination, then you’ll love working in our brand-new Engineering Hub.

We need best-in-class engineers and professionals.

Location: Turin, Milan, Rome.

Your challenges:

  • Work together with our clients’ engineering departments to design solution that embed cutting edge technologies and methodologies like DevOps, Agile, Model Based System Engineering, Test Automation, Software/Hardware in the loop, generative AI etc.…).
  • Design and implement Smart Connected Products embedding Artificial Intelligence.
  • Work to create Smart Factories (the vision of a production environment in which production facilities and logistics systems are organized without human intervention).
  • Span between different industries like Automotive (Software Defined Vehicles, Connected Vehicles, Vehicle Control Units, Infotainment systems…), Industrial, Consumer Appliance and Smart Home, Railway, Aerospace & Defense, Intelligent Sensors.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment in direct contact with client.

Your Skills

Why would we choose you? The challenges you face reflect your ambitions; this is your chance. To stand out and face them in the best way you have:

  • Course of study in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines;
  • Strong experience about Software development using modern compiled/interpreted programming/scripting languages (e.g., C/C++/Python/Bash) and development tools; solid experience about unit testing and TDD/BDD;
  • Experience about embedded architectures and development boards;
  • General experience with reading schematics and HW interfaces;
  • General understanding of RTOS and OS for embedded applications (e.g., FreeRTOS/Yocto Linux distros); General understanding of low-level OS Linux Kernel, bootloaders, device trees and device drivers;
  • Solid understanding of security concepts (e.g., cryptographic keys generation and usage for data confidentiality/integrity, certificates, etc.);
  • General understanding of Containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, OCI Containers);
  • General understanding of Middlewares for Edge Computing applications (e.g., AWS GreenGrass, Azure IoTEdge);
  • Solid experience about relational, non-relational DBMS and time-series databases;
  • General understanding of VCS (e.g., Git) and DevOps concepts (e.g, CI/CD pipelines);
  • Aptitude for numerical reasoning and problem solving;
  • Proactive approach and curiosity about all innovations in technology and business;
  • You speak and write fluently in English;
  • Strong soft skills and ability to work in team.