Digitalization Transformation specialist


A Snapshot of Your Day

As part of the Digital Transformation Team you will support in designing, developing, and implementing progressive projects and processes in a dynamic and global environment.

The team has ownership on a variety of topics like:

  • Analytic Process Automation / Robotic Process Automation
  • Data collection, Data quality, Data monitoring
  • Industry 4.0 Investments
  • Cybersecurity

How You’ll Make an Impact

  • You will drive and implement the Digitalization projects internally to the factory
  • you will help to reduce the manual time in the offices implementing Analytic/Robotic processes Automation
  • You will run the Cybersecurity aspects for the Trento factory
  • Cooperate with other teams and Siemens Energy factories on global digitalization projects

What You Bring

  • Academic background in the IT, Automation, computer science.
  • Software development skills and Object Oriented Programming Languages like C#, Python, etc. A basic knowledge of Cyber security aspects will be considered sufficient.
  • Availability to travel 20% of the time
  • a constant learner that adapts to the constantly evolving IT landscape and that has an enthusiastic approach in front of new challenges
  • a person with a “data-based” thinking and some project management skills that supports in the transformation towards a digital company
  • Proficient in English and Italian.

About the Team

Our Grid Technologies division enables a reliable, sustainable, and digital grid. The power grid is the backbone of the energy transition. Siemens Energy offers a leading portfolio and solutions in HVDC transmission, grid stabilization and storage, high voltage switchgears and transformers, and digital grid technology.

Siemens Energy Transformers, located in Trento, is one of the Siemens Energy’s global factories focused on power transformers that has developed an increasingly important presence on the Italian market and in various international markets. The transformers produced are normally intended for hydroelectric, thermal, wind, primary distribution substations of electricity companies and distributors, or large industrial plants. Here, we realized efficient, reliable and flexible power transformers delivered across the globe and the people make the real difference.